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Mr. Leta's Approach

David P. Leta, the owner of and lead mediator for Divorce and Your Home, LLC believes that when facilitating a divorce negotiation between separating couples it's best to create an environment where both you and your spouse's concerns are expressed and heard peacefully and without intimidation. These discussions lead to strong agreements that protect and provide for you, your children, your property and your money. Here your life remains confidential and private. Whereas in litigation, it becomes available to your neighbors, friends, family, and the public. Since rarely there is any litigation, the savings on legal fees is enormous. And you also save valuable time because you get to the issues and discuss creative options that solve these concerns quickly. The agreement between both you and your spouse becomes one you both respect and abide by because you both created it!

His Story

Mediating primarily in Ocean County and Monmouth County New Jersey, Mr. Leta facilitates peaceful and stress-free open discussions between divorcing or separating married couples. And provides assistance in finding mutually beneficial agreements with ending a marriage settlement, child support guidelines, financial analysis of the marital relationship, equitable distribution, property division and property settlements, financial assets and liabilities, child custody and visitation rights, parenting arrangements, spousal support, and alimony.

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